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About the program

Since 1999 the CzechBoys name has been converting and retaining it's members in record numbers. Our conversion and retention are second to NONE!
CzechBoys.com has been nominated and won countless awards during our 10 years as Europe's leader in online gay erotica. Most recently we won the European Gay Porn Award for best twink site.

All new webmasters start at our 50/50 program - of course no transaction or processing fees are deducted - so you START with us earning 50% of the TOTAL SALE on all signups AND rebills! The table below shows you how much money you will make from our most popular sign-up option, the CzechBoys.com monthly membership at $24.95 in your VERY FIRST MONTH!

Webmaster payouts are paid via CCBill, the most trusted leader in adult billing and affiliate payouts.

# Daily Signups 1 Signup 2 Signups 3 Signups 4 Signups 5 Signups
CzechBoys $ 374.25 $ 784.50 $ 1122.75 $ 1497.00 $ 1871.25

In our business, retention is the key to earning BIG BUCKS!!!
CzechBoys is the internet's first and only Gay Erotic Daily Online Magazine and it currently has the largest collection of quality male erotica available on the internet today. EVERY day of the year a NEW issue of CzechBoys goes online with up to 15 daily updates including a DAILY Publishers Blog. And our innovations, DAILY updates and attention to customer care retain members longer than any other site out there. You bring us the traffic and we'll do all the work to retain that traffic month after month.

The first month that you bring us $10,000 in total sales,you will receive 69% from EACH AND EVERY SIGNUP the following month - AND you'll earn 69% of ALL signups for every month after that your sales remain above $10,000!!!!


How is your program better than all the others?

Very simply because we have the highest converting, best retaining websites on the net. We are gay and we know what our customers want. We are based in Prague and on a weekly basis shoot the most amazing boys and men that can be found on the net - EXCLUSIVELY for our private family of websites.

Do you deduct processing fees or anything else from my percentage?

Absolutely NOT! Your percentage is directly from the total amount of the customer's purchase. 69% of a $99.95 sale gets you $68.97!!

How can I earn 69% of signups?

The first month that you've generated $10,000 in sales for us, the next month you're payouts will be 69% for every signup!!

What is the standard percentage of signups and rebills that I start out with?

All our webmasters start out with our generous 50/50 program, ensuring you get 50% of signups AND 50% of rebills with NO transaction or processing fees deducted!

How much money can I make?

$1000, $5000, $10,000 per month - it's completely up to you! The more traffic you send to our sites, the more money you'll be making every month!

How do I get paid?

All payouts are made via CCBill, the trusted leader in adult billing and affiliate payouts. You get your money directly from them, each and every week.

How do I check how much money I'm making?

CCBill has extensive online reporting available that allows you to check your traffic, signups, and conversion. You can log on to their web site any time of day to check how your referrals are performing and how much money has accrued in your account, or even research your entire payment history!

Do you offer banners and content for my site?

Absolutely! Our site is packed with all the erotic, enticing banners you will ever need, and our members area is loaded with license free content for you to use in building your sites!

How can I make money by promoting your free mobile gay porn apps?

Easy! We customize our apps by building your individual affiliate ID directly into each app. If someone downloads an app from your site and follows internal links to a CzechBoys site, any sales generated will earn you your usual affiliate commission.